International strategy for law firms. It’s what we know. It’s what we do.

International Strategy

Strategic solutions for challenges and opportunities in the global marketplace for legal services. Our focus is exclusively international. Our market knowledge spans Europe, the Americas, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.

International Market Entry

When, where, why and how to expand into new international markets. More than thirty years’ experience of guiding law firms into emerging and mature legal markets.

Law Firm Mergers

When merger is the right strategy, using our deep market knowledge to identify the most suitable merger candidates and guiding the process from introduction to integration.

Lateral Group Acquisitions

Our reputation, credibility, market knowledge and extensive professional relationships with leading players in markets around the world underpin our ability to bring dynamic, successful, growth-oriented practice groups to the table.

Select Partnerships

A concept we pioneered -- like-minded independent law firms in selected key commercial markets joining forces to enhance their competitive position and to develop joint business opportunities.

Speaking Engagements

Informative presentations, seminars, briefings and workshops at partnership retreats, professional association meetings and in-house law department conferences, on developments in the global business of law, international trends and preparedness for change.

Global Practice Development

Workshops and one-on-one sessions with law firms, their principal stakeholders, practice groups and individual lawyers, to hone strategies for acquiring international engagements and developing an international client base.

International Recruitment

Finding the right lawyer to fill a spot takes more than piling up résumés. When we undertake a search, we only introduce candidates who present a meaningful value proposition -- our analysis is deeply rooted in our experience in cross-border law practice and law firm management.