WarwickPlace Legal

Today, more than ever, a credible presence in international markets is essential for law firms seeking to compete in the global arena.

Our mission is to help law firms enhance their international presence and profile, through market entry, strategic alliances and other innovative approaches tailored to each law firm’s skill sets, culture and aspirations.

Our clients are leading law firms around the world.  They do business in the United Kingdom, throughout Europe, in China, Southeast Asia (including Singapore), North and South America and North Africa.  We use our deep familiarity with the global legal market and our extensive network of relationships to identify opportunities for growth, including mergers and lateral team acquisitions.  We help law firms stay abreast of developments in the global business of law through briefings and workshops.

Our strategic alliance with Venturis Consulting Group, a leading European professional services consultancy specializing in strategic positioning, performance enhancement and talent management, provides us with an exceptionally deep suite of data-driven research and analytical tools.

Practical, straightforward insight into what makes for a successful international practice, informed by decades of sophisticated law practice and management experience.  It’s what we know.  It’s what we deliver.