WarwickPlace Legal has entered into a strategic alliance with Kerma Partners Iberoamérica.  The purpose of the alliance is to strengthen our existing collaboration in the United States and Latin America; to allow a more seamless delivery of services to our clients in those regions; and to capitalize on our respective alliances with Venturis Consulting Group.

As a result of our new alliance, WarwickPlace Legal, Kerma Partners and Venturis will have combined capability to serve clients in the United States, Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

About Kerma Partners

Kerma Partners has unparalleled knowledge of the Latin American legal market and provides, in addition to strategic advisory services, a full complement of added-value offerings in the areas of talent management, governance and business development.

About Venturis Consulting Group

Venturis Consulting Group is a leading management and strategy consulting firm for the legal sector with offices in Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, London and, through its alliance with WarwickPlace Legal, in New York.  Venturis is a trusted advisor in the design, facilitation and execution of complex strategic and organizational initiatives for the legal industry, including law firms and in-house law departments.